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Who We Are

- Who we are

(Jeddah) … From there began the story of the success and launch of Softlex, the e-marketing agency and e-marketing services, which went out of the ordinary and took its steps in a world of creativity and innovation, a series of successes and accomplishments, established in the minds of people until they became relevant and valuable, and finally we decided to expand horizons And spreading success in other countries, so we chose Jeddah as a beautiful and good city to work and put our mark in it …
The secret of our success and advancement lies in our complete belief in departing from all that is traditional and breaking the boundaries of creativity, expanding horizons and drawing inspiration from us. In short, we are a team that believe in what we do, and we enjoy what we do. We believe that there are no limits to the possibilities of our creativity. We work with you as one professional team that draws you a map for success in the world of digital digital marketing, a set of capabilities and pioneering ideas, the most luxurious value we have.

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- Our vision and mission ...

We are looking forward to a new world of creativity as the world is making rapid steps in the field of technology, three-dimensional creativity and beyond,

Therefore, we have to take our clients towards globalism and new thinking.
Our success derives from a deep understanding of our customers and our commitment to providing exceptional service of value.
We work hard to present you to your customers in a professional way that makes it their first choice.
We deal with our customers separately, as if he is our only customer, and we spare no effort in helping him find the best solutions for his business.

We see things from the customer’s point of view to understand their business, anticipate their requirements, and then introduce our story. Because we insist on excellence in everything we do for our clients and ourselves.

- Staff ...

Before looking for a specialty, we look for creativity and harmony.
If ideas harmonize, we will be creative, so we made sure to collect creative people in one place.

- Design and creativity ...

The journey of creativity and truth does not require going to new lands, rather it requires seeing with new eyes.
Therefore, we have been keen to recruit and contain talented people in the field of mental and practical creativity, so that we can distinguish our clients.
In order for us to meet your aspirations, we have attracted from among the designers who have the artistic sense, pre-professional and in the field of design.
As we take into account the contrasts between modern and classic design, each design has its own beauty.

- Marketing plans ...

We know that marketing plans for facilities or products must be completed in a practical, thoughtful way.
So when we implement your marketing plans, the return on investment may greatly exceed the return obtained using traditional marketing strategies.
We also use the largest specialized offices in the field of field studies and we have solutions for your facilities or your product
So rest assured ..

- Execution ...

Where no compromise is accepted in this regard … because the implementation phase is one of the most important stages of showing the work in its final form until the effort is manifested in its best form.
Therefore, we are keen to deal with the best printing houses and specialized technical workshops. We were keen to complete the image with creativity as it began with creativity

- What we do ...

Innovation ...

We have a team of creative people in the field of getting creative and dazzling ideas.

Hashtag Trend Upload Service:

Twitter hashtag trend upload service. We provide this service with a unique technology that contributes to the hashtag’s rise to the trend immediately and in an advanced order.

SMS campaigns ...

SMS advertising campaigns and implementing a marketing campaign is one of our services for the business sector to market products and services via SMS. Advertising campaigns, as marketing and promotional offers via SMS represent one of the best and most powerful means of communication and response compared to other marketing means.

Managing social media accounts.

The art of managing Social Media accounts is very professional, based on an understanding of market mechanisms, customer needs, how to reach them and promote your product or service to them and through it. In order to do this, we need several main steps and sub-goals that follow. Let’s start.

Design and implementation ...

1) Logos design
2) Design and implementation of flyers, typography, agendas and calendars.
3) Design and implementation of roll-up, pop-up and exhibition supplies.
4) Design and implementation of billboards from Uni Ball and others to shop and company boards.
5) Designing a story board for radio and television ads
6) Design and implementation of newspaper and magazine advertisements.
7) Develop marketing and sales plans.

Archiving websites ...

Your website without visitors is like a party that was carefully prepared but only you attended. More than 85% of customers come from the Google search engine. If your site does not appear on the first page of Google under targeted search words, you are losing hundreds of customers daily. We are Softlex, an e-marketing company. You have unique solutions that make your website top in Google search results. We help you develop your business. The services you provide reach the customers who search for them daily on the Google search engine. Clients trust Google with unlimited confidence. When he finds your site on Google, he also trusts you, which is what It increases your sales and profits.

- Our strategy